August 10, 2021: Masks will now be required within all Austin HRA Buildings.
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Our Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

PhoneEmailAddressType2019 OfficersOriginal App’t DateTerm Expires
Oballa Oballaoballaaustincitycouncil@gmail.comAustin, MN 55912City Council
First Ward
Michael Potsma(507) 481-3090potsmaforaustin@gmail.com1405 27th Ave SW
Austin, MN 55912
City Council
Second Ward
Paul Fischer(507) 438-3155paulfischer@yahoo.com2003 2nd Ave SE
Austin, MN 55912
City Council
Third Ward
Jerome McCarthy(507) 433-7015 Home
(507) 279-9443 Cell
jerrymccarthy5@gmail.com306 13th St. NE
Austin, MN 55912
Port AuthorityChair1/22/201412/31/2021
Carole Granholm(507) 438-5996carole46granholm@gmail.com808 1st Dr. NW #412
Austin, MN 55912
PH Tenant9/6/201612/31/2022
Marvin Repinski(507) 437-0973rjrepinski@smig.net1005 4th St. SW
Austin, MN 55912
Vernon Lippert(507) 437-5254 Work
(507) 433-5835 Home
velippert@charter.net2013 6th Ave. SE
Austin, MN 55912
*Updated Jan. 2021


PhoneEmailAddressTypeElectedTerm Expires
Stephen King(507) 437-9965 City
*Updated Jan. 2021

If a City Council member does not get re-elected, then they are replaced with another Council member. If someone resigns, the newly appointed Commissioner fulfills the remaining term.


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